Prior to joining American Music School, Sydney studied Music Business and Vocal Performance at the University of Colorado Denver. Through this program she studied material such as Songwriting, Jazz Theory, Audio Production, and Contemporary Piano and Voice.


Sydney started singing as soon as she could talk and her voice has always been her main instrument. She taught herself guitar at age 14 and quickly started writing songs. She considers songwriting, vocals, and banjo to be her current passions and teaches multiple studies including vocals, songwriting, beginner piano, beginner guitar, beginner banjo and ukulele. 


Sydney is on year two of creating her first solo album and will release this album in September of 2017. The overall theme of the album is about the experience of discovering your own creativity and the intimate relationship you develop with that life-long sanctuary. Sydney is passionate about everyone exploring their own creative seed and she’d love to guide you through your own journey! She believes in personalized lessons that are appropriate for each unique student and incorporates ear training, reading, writing, reflection, and performance into each instrument!