Pierce Murphy

I come from a family of professional musicians. There was never a shortage of esoteric records playing or theory talk flying around. I didn’t really get into it myself until I was 13, though. That’s when I got my first guitar and started writing songs. I was hooked after that and pretty much everything in my life since then has involved music in some way. I went to Metro State University after tagging along with my dad when he was invited to play the Monterey Bay Blues Festival. I graduated with a BA in 2011 and an overwhelming amount of knowledge to sort through from players like Ron Miles, Dave Devine, Ron Bland, and Justin Adams. While there I had the opportunity to perform with Wayne Horvitz (of Zony Mash and Naked City), local jazz hero Fred Hess, and grammy award winning composer Maria Schneider, amongst others. Since graduating I’ve been playing all over the state as a bandleader and solo act (I sing, too). Gigs range from corporate cocktails at the Ritz Carlton to wedding ceremonies in Beaver Creek to loud rock shows in divey bars all over the city. I specialize in improvised musics like jazz and blues, but I’ve also got a deep love for rock styles, particularly new wave and punk rock varietals. I can currently be found playing jazz both solo and with my combo The Real Folk Blues, and also playing with my indie rock band, Shibuya Terminal.