Teamwork - Ensemble playing is an opportunity to make new friends and be a part of a musical team.

Confidence - Don't be afraid to shine!  Being part of a small ensemble builds confidence in your ability to stand out both musically and socially, especially with your friends to support you.

Melod-eautiful - Saxophone quartets, unlike much of the music written for concert band/wind ensembles, lets saxophones hold the melody... and isn't that much more fun!?!

More Music, More Experience, More Fun - Working on music outside of school gives you an advantage that can't be found in the classroom.  Remember the more effort you put in the more enjoyable playing music will be!

Sign up today for this unique opportunity to work on some challenging and fun music just for the saxophone!  This ensemble will be taught by our new faculty member Patrick Medina who recently moved to Denver and holds degrees from both the Berklee College of Music and NYU.