Lesson Pricing

Group Ensembles

$60.00 per month for non - private students enrolled

$55.00 per month for students enrolled in private lessons

Private Lessons

$105.00 flat monthly fee for one 1/2 hour lesson per week

$157.50 flat monthly fee for one 45 minute lesson per week

$210.00 flat monthly fee for one 1 hour lesson per week

We have a registration fee due every October of $40.00. Second family member is $20.00 and 3rd family member is $10.00. For comparison sake this is roughly $3.00 per month. This fee goes toward the activities we put on throughout the year free of charge such as recitals, open mic nights and parties. It also helps keep the facility looking its best for our community. Your first month fee and the registration fee are pro-rated so you may start when it is convenient for you and your family.

**Please contact us for additional information**