As a teacher, Kaia aims to inspire young students to find their own passion and musical voice on their instrument.

Kaia Nutting graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in May 2013, studying pop/contemporary belt singing and music business. She began by applying to study classical piano in 2008, but instead studied classical voice for two years at CU Boulder before transferring to CU Denver for three years.

Beginning piano at age 3, piano has always been Kaia’s first passion, particularly communicating emotions and experiences nonverbally through music. Learning by ear and composing on piano at a young age, she likes to be open minded to how different students learn and perceive music. At age 12, Kaia began to learn guitar and studied theory and songwriting. Kaia regularly attends songwriting conferences such as the Durango Songwriter’s Expo, travels to music cities for networking, and performs locally in Denver. She has an emphasis in vocal technique ranging from classical and musical theater to pop/belt, piano skills of all levels, including more advanced classical students, and guitar emphasis on foundational skills, songwriting/theory, and a basic understanding of a variety of genres. She likes to teach with an emphasis on foundational skills of reading music, theory, and ear training on all instruments, while helping the student find what they are passionate about learning. Other hobbies include running, snowboarding, hiking, photography, attending live music concerts, cooking and coffee connoisseur-ing in Denver.