Isaac Brockshus

Isaac Brockshus (b. 1988) began his career as a composer with a persistent habit of editing his fifth grade piano lesson assignments. Nowadays, he encourages his students to do the same. Isaac sees lessons as an opportunity to explore the possibilities of music alongside his students. His creative approach quickly attracted a full piano studio at the Community School of the Arts in Charlotte, NC.

Isaac earned his masters at the University of South Carolina, where he taught undergraduate music theory and ran the New Voices and Cica new-music concert series. His works have been premiered by groups such as Boston Brass and Decoda. He is one of the nation’s youngest inductees to the SAI Composers Bureau.

Isaac is the founder of the online publisher He has been heavily involved with beginner chamber groups as a coach, composer, and composition teacher through the Exploring Chamber Music and Five Seasons summer festivals in the Midwest. He sees chamber music as a way to teach children to be disciplined, yet independent-minded musicians and works to spread its use in music education.

Isaac's studies have taken him overseas to Germany and Italy. His works have enjoyed distinguished premieres by the Boston Brass and Decoda. To learn more about his work for the concert stage and film, visit