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Brett Kuyper

Brett has a passion for music, and loves to see other people get as much joy out of it as he has. Fun and appreciation are very important to him in his lessons. After all, if someone is not enjoying themselves in learning to play music, they won’t be motivated to continue on with their instrument. Brett teaches all skill levels, and creates a unique experience for each student; filled with many things from improvisation to learning songs of all genres, and to creating original music.

 He plays jazz, funk, rock, hip hop, and blues around Denver in two original bands. Guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele are the instruments that he focuses his time on teaching. He possesses a deep grasp of music theory, and has developed many ways to convey theory to students that can be transferred to all instruments.  Brett also does audio engineering with a philosophy that knowing how sound works in general, can lead to being a better musician. Overall learning to play an instrument gives you more than just the ability to play an instrument; It also builds confidence, nurtures creativity, heightens your memory, and can lead to more happiness.